In 2021 we increased community participation, and the county completed all the requirements. However the way map got modified was not what we anticipated, and many of us were very frustrated. "THE PROMISE OF FAIR MAPS- California’s 2020 Local Redistricting Cycle: Lessons Learned and Future Reforms" recommends to require independent redistricting commissions for larger jurisdictions and prohibit the direct appointment of commissioners by elected officials, and we agree to the report.

To reflect these findings two bills, AB764 to strengthen FAIR MAPS Act and AB1248 to mandate local jurisdictions over 300,000 population to establish independent Citizens Commission, were introduced. Our coalition is asking our representatives to support these bills. We thank our assembly members to vote for the bills and special thanks goes to Assemblymember Bonta who cosponsored AB1248. Both bills passed, and on Oct 2023 the Governor Newsom signed AB764 but vetoed AB1248. 

Alameda County map adopted 

Evaluating the county map per Fair MAPS Act

Our mission

In democracy representation matters, and every voice should be heard. It starts with drawing maps prioritizing communities and their people. We are advancing a fair and transparent redistricting for Alameda County.

Build a robust coalition

Broad and intersectional collaboration is the best way to reach our diverse communities.

Educate our communities

People participate only when they understand why it is important, and when they know their voices are valued. 

Join our coalition

Have your voice heard! 

Join us 

in committing to claim your right to influence drawing fair maps and to learn about how you can help your community to be represented at the Local, State, and National level.

in asking our Board of Supervisors to conduct inclusive, equitable and transparent redistricting with adequate funding and expert support to meet new requirements and challenge of compressed timeline.

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