Our mission

In democracy representation matters, and every voice should be heard. It starts with drawing maps prioritizing communities and their people. We are advancing a fair and transparent redistricting process for Alameda County.

Build a robust coalition

Broad and intersectional collaboration is the only way to reach our diverse communities.

Educate our communities

People participate only when they understand why it is important, and when they know their voices are valued.

Join our coalition

Have your voice heard!

Join us

  • in asking our Board of Supervisors to conduct inclusive, equitable and transparent redistricting with adequate funding and expert support to meet new requirements and challenge of compressed timeline, and

  • in educating our communities and helping to deliver their inputs to the Board of Supervisors.

Email us at organize@alcoredistricting.org for more information.


Check out our FAQs page or email organize@alcoredistricting.org and we will get back to you!