Who we are

Who are we?

Started out of a research committee of the Eden Area League of Women Voters, the Coalition is an affiliation of individuals and organizations throughout Alameda County dedicated to advance fair and transparent redistricting for our communities in Alameda County. All our organizers are volunteers.

There are many ways to get involved.


    1. A “supporter” signs Fair Redistricting petition or Fair Map pledge, and will receive general emails.

    2. A “volunteer” does what suppoters do, fills out our volunteer form and agrees to act. They will become part of our coalition google group, and may gain access to the resources. They receive invitations to our organizing meetings.

    3. An “organizer” fills out the volunteer form, attends our organizing meetings, and takes part in the coalition organizing, including but not limited to building strategy, creating messages, outreaching to targeted elected officials, organizations and communities, and media projects. Their profile may be published on the website, and may represent the coalition.


  1. A “coalition partner” adopts a resolution based on our template and encourage their members to sign petition/pledge and/or join actions.

  2. A “coalition member” does what partners do, and activates their network to invite other organizations to join the coalition and/or their members to become coalition volunteers and/or organizers.