Actions Taken

Board of Supervisor meetings

Jun 29 (Tue) Regular meeting: Hiring of Q2 as a consultant, and concept of Outreach Plan were approved. 9 members and 2 residents testified at the meeting asking for increasing translation, varying dates and times, setting up measurable goal, increasing education, and starting fresh to draw maps. Recording

Apr 20 (Tue) Regular meeting: Supervisors Carson, Chen, and Valle voted to draw lines by themselves and Supervisor Miley was in favor of Hybrid Commission. Supervisor Haubert was absent.

Apr 6 (Tue) Special meeting: Staff presented what's new with 2021 redistricting. Coalition members asked for establishing independent citizens commission as well as stressing the asks in our resolution.

Mar 23 (Tue): Regular meeting: BOS chair Carson appologized for missing public comments on Mar 16. Our members asked for immediate action to kickstart fair and transparent redistricting.

Mar 16 (Tue) Regular meeting: Coalition members tried to make public comments. Public comments were not taken, and we appealed that it was not acceptable.